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MVM Productions Sdn Bhd, also known as MVM Music, is a record label that was formed in the year 2011. It is one of the pioneering companies that started uploading music videos onto YouTube. Rusa Marketing Sdn Bhd, better known as Rusa Music, was later established in the year 2013. Since then, these two YouTube channels have each gained over 2.3 million subscribers. Currently, Rusa Music & MVM Music’s YouTube channels are some of the largest & most subscribed YouTube channels in the Malay music industry nationwide, with hundreds of artists under its label while owning a huge back catalogues of the oldies.

Over the years, Rusa Marketing Sdn Bhd has expanded its business ventures into public relations, artist agency, song recording, MV shooting, publishing, music distribution, digital content creation & video editorial services. On the side, Rusa is also currently looking into F&B services, having opened a cafe called Rusa Cafe in their headquarters.

At Rusa Marketing Sdn Bhd HQ, there are 3 recording studios equipped with some of the best sound systems, a white and green screen studio, a shooting studio doubling as a stage that is fully equipped with sound and lighting systems, as well as a makeup room that has a wardrobe, fitting rooms and vanity tables. Staff members who are working under Rusa consist of an A&R team, a marketing team, a PR team, a photoshoot and MV shooting team, a content creation team, a graphic design team, accountants, an F&B team, sound engineer, song arranger, makeup artists, hairstylists & stylists.


We provide our artists development and management services which mainly consists of focusing on our artists’ talents and expanding their professional career from there. This means everything from practicing to song recording, music and video production, publishing, managing artists’ shows, endorsements and more.


We provide one-stop audiovisual production services for our artists; from songwriting, song recording and sound engineering within our own independent recording studio, to planning, storyboard writing, filming, editing with our in-house team, as well as publishing.


We offer a wide range of facilities to aid in all forms of content creation. From an in-house recording studio for music production to a large open stage with a lighting rig for music video filming, we aim to provide as much as possible for all kinds of productions. Additionally, we have a makeup room that comes with its own wardrobe and vanity tables. Rusa Cafe, an in-house cafe located at the front of the establishment, ensures that our artists have ample space to rest as well.

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