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Better known as Chombi, Siti Maryam Ahmad Sairi is the daughter of renowned singer-songwriter Apak Harry Khalifah. She joined the industry back in 2020 at the young age of 13, with the release of her first single, Rindu Rindu. The song’s virality garnered an impressive audience, reaching over 7 million views on YouTube.
In 2022, Chombi’s second single, Sayunk I Love You, gained an even larger reception on release. The song went viral all over social media for several weeks, reaching over 34 million views on YouTube, and seeing mass use in over 500k videos on TikTok.
In 2023, Sayunk I Love You Raya was released in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations. This spin-off version was released thanks to high demand from Chombi’s fans, with its music video reaching close to 2 million views, while seeing use in over 30k TikTok videos.