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An actress who is known for her dramatic performances, Puteri Balqis first started acting when she was 4 years old, starring in the TV drama, Gemilang, in 2011. Her acting career continued to develop positively in the following years, and she has since won various nominations for major awards; one of her crowning achievements being her award as Best Drama Actress in 2014, which has since brought fame to her name to this day. In 2022, she starred as a secondary character in a cover MV for Saling Merindu alongside the famous brotherly duo of Zaki Yamani and Yamani Abdillah, teasing the audience of her vocal abilities towards the end of the MV. A few months later, Puteri Balqis’ first single, Rinduku, was released, becoming a viral hit with over 500k views in no time.