& Wardrobe

We provide a makeup room that is used in conjunction with the dressing rooms, providing a space for artists to get their makeup done and change outfits, as well as rest in comfort during shoots that involve the studio.


Our recording studio houses several pieces of high-end equipment and instruments for our audio engineers to aid artists in producing the best quality work we can provide.


We have two types of shooting studios: a combined green screen and white screen room, and a shooting studio. The shooting studio comes with ample space for a variety of set creations, as well as its own lighting rig; the green and white screen room serves as a photo studio as well.

Rusa Cafe

Rusa Cafe is a cafe that serves as the main entrance to the building, managed by our in-house chefs and kitchen staff. It serves as a quiet place for our artists as well as regular guests to have a meal and relax.

The cafe is open from 9am to 6pm every weekday, but it is closed during public holidays.